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models wear beatuy masks - face masks made with egg white powder

Because egg whites contain collagen and proteins which can tone and tighten human skin, many cosmetics companies use egg whites for beauty.  Does it work? There must be some benefits to using egg whites on the skin as there are several different mainstream cosmetics companies that make and sell beauty products that harness the skin rejuvenating powers of egg whites.

While going directly to the source is still recommended for most things, the age-old egg & honey face mask is much better when made with powdered egg whites rather than fresh eggs. Using dehydrated albumen improves the experience, and the results, and is generally considered safer as there is no salmonella bacteria in powdered egg whites.

Below are five beauty brands that have incorporated egg whites into the manufacture of their skincare products:

Egg White Pore Foam by Skinfood

Egg White Pore contains Water, Myristic Acid, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, and the fifth ingredient is ‘Foam’ which we believe is the egg whites and probably powdered egg whites in a base ‘lather’ generating reaction.

According to the description on the store page, “…the gentle egg-white based cleanser works to deep-clean pores while removing traces of makeup and dirt, leaving users with a refreshingly clean canvas for their skincare regimen. Great for all skin types, especially those looking to clean pores and control blackheads. ” So the Skinfood company is also focusing on the acne prevention and mitigation use-case.

Black Egg Pore Serum

This popular cosmetic product is sold all over the world.  The pore-refining finishing powder in apricot color improves the appearance of enlarged pores while creating a silky veil for the skin. The product is designed to be lightly dusted on the face using the powder puff applicator.

Diving deeper, as there is lots of literature on this popular product, we learn that it …contains egg extract to tighten enlarged pores while controlling excessive sebum and oiliness. Enriched with albumin, egg white extract promotes firmer and smoother skin as well as smaller pores.  The product alleges that it makes skin look and feel firmer.

Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap

Sold as a hard egg-shaped bar, or as soft-soap in a 150 gram squeeze tube, Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap is pore refining cleanser with egg white extract that deep-cleanses pores. Enriched with albumen, it promotes firmer skin and minimizes the size of pores.  Made by the TONYMOLY company, the Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap is composed of red clay, coconut oil and the white of an egg.  You can see in the photo on the left that the packaging is rather gimmicky; two hard-boiled eggs, one white and one brown, are really bars of soap, and come in a mini egg-container package.

ANOLIN-AGG-TVAL Egg White Facial Care Victoria Fabrik Helsingborg 50 g.

“Eggwehite facial soaps” have been a part of healthy caring of the skins in Sweden for generation. Originally prepared by Swedish women in the home, an eggwhite facial was weekly tradition to maintain pure, glowing skin.
Direction: Work up a good lather then smooth the foam on the face and neck and let stay on for 5 minutes, Imporides will be drawn from the pores naturally. Gentle rose water and lanolin are added to sooth and make the skin soft to the touch. Upon rinsing a rosey glow appears on the skin.

Perricone MD OVM

This is the most expensive option thus far, Perricone MD OVM is $165 for 2oz container at Sephora. The description begins by explaining how OVM is one of Dr. Perricone’s greatest inventions and is scientifically formulated with ‘Eggshell Membrane’.  That term refers to the sticky film inside the egg that lines the inner shell. Dr. Perricone postulates that this is a powerful anti-aging compound. They believe the Eggshell Membrane contains a precise ratio of nutrients, proteins, and peptides that help rejuvenate and restore human skin’s beauty and health. Now, newly enriched with Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin E, OVM delivers a 3-dimensional anti-aging effect to increase the appearance of skin’s volume, cushion, and firmness while providing the added benefit of deep nourishment for smoother, more radiant-looking skin. OVM is the ultimate luxury in the science of beautiful skin.

And there are many more. CanEggs recommends buying and experimenting with Egg White Powder to make your own beauty secret skincare product.

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