About Qfoods

Company Name: Q-Foods Canada
Year Established: 1996
Chief Executive Officer: Sam Dhutia
Website: www.qfoodscanada.com

Company Overview

Q-Foods Canada is located in Toronto, Ontario and is a well-established  manufacturer and exporter of the premium-quality Canadian food brand “Q’Licious”.

Q-Foods’ focuses primarily on Specialty/Gourmet, Private Food Label, Gluten-Free , Halal Healthy, Alternate Diet/ Low Fat, and Soy based ingredients. Our most popular products are in dry foods including confectionery snacks, chocolate covered fruit, granola bars, rice squares, marshmallows, and cereals.

Q-Foods also offers a wide range of various , baking products, frozen juices, soups, cakes, gravies, dips, and sauces

With over 20+ years of extensive experience in food/product development, manufacturing, exporting, and distribution, Sam Dhutia (CEO) continues to successfully meet the demands of this competitive industry.  Having already built a strong brand awareness within Canada, Middle East and the Caribbean islands, Q-Foods continues to expand it’s geographic markets to include United States, Asia, and South America.

The majority of the growth of Q-Foods has been a direct result of our expertise in providing specialty/gourmet products combined with our innovative approach to product production and marketing.  In addition, the unique and versatile packaging is able to meet even the highest standards and local regulations, enabling Q-Foods to provide fast, affordable, and hassle-free international delivery.

Our entire product line, both food service and retail, is available under your private label. We have a team that will provide assistance in packaging design, labeling (meeting both Canadian and US label laws), and graphics to fit with your corporate image. We also have a research and development department that can create your own recipes for sale under your label.

Q-Foods aims to continue to strengthen it’s global connections through mutual respect and a commitment to providing exceptional tasting high-quality food products and a superior level of service to all of it’s customers.