Granola Bars

There are granola bars and granola bars so why Q’Licious Granola Bars?

The answer is simple – Well, where else would you find combinations for every palate and every reason! You fancy Apple Cranberry? We have it. Flax and Fiber? A match made in well-being heaven! Low Fat Banana & Raisin…Low Fat Blueberry…Mixed Berries & Nuts…Nut Medley…there’s something here for every one!

Q’Licious Granola Bars are the ideal healthy and convenient snack to take to school, work, on a hike, or even camping. They are made from the highest quality natural ingredients and are a nutritious snack or breakfast alternative.

Our granola bars are a nutritious snack made with authenticated whole Grain Muesli cereal consisting of rolled Oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds that can help promote a healthy digestive system. Our Low Fat Bars have less than 3 gms of fat per serving and No artificial Flavours, No artificial Colors, No artificial preservatives. They are individually packed in foil with 5 or 6 Bars in box, that weighs from 150 G- 180 Gms.

So make sure Q’Licious Granola Bars keep you company every time you choose to step out!

Mixed Berries


Banana & Raisin

Flax & Fibre

Apple Cranberry

Nut Medley