Cashew Bars

Whether you need a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack our Chewy Cashew Bars are the perfect solution.  The whole family will love the delicious taste and soft texture that makes them enjoyable and easy to eat.

Our Chewy Cashew  Bars are made with real cashews, an assortment of dried fruits, chocolate, seeds, and nuts.

Our Cashew Bars are sweetened with agave syrup and brown rice syrup, a healthier alternative to Sugar.

Packed 4 individually wrapped in box with total weight of 144 Gms.

Nutritious and easy to store, our Q’Licious Cashew Bars are the ideal healthy and convenient snack to take to school, work, on a hike, or even camping.

These Q’licious treats are a much more satisfying and healthier choice than the traditional snack bar.

Available in Cashew, Fruit & Nut, Mixed Nuts, and Cherry Dark Chocolate.

Mixed Nut

Fruit & Nut

Cherry & Dark Choc

Cashew Bar